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Getting the Most out of an Online Antivirus Scanner

Aside from the usual antivirus software that you install in your system, there are now online virus scanners. As the name suggests, an online virus scanner runs from the cloud and can help scan your computer for viruses and malwares through a standard web browser. Since there is no need to install a software, online antivirus scanner works well with multiple operating systems. The antivirus scanner can also withstand malwares’ attempts to block scanning and cleaning of malicious codes. It is also worth noting that online antivirus scanners are always up to date. This is due to the fact that the virus definition database is also stored in the cloud and gets updated in real-time.

The Best Online Antivirus Cleaners 2018

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Shall I Use a Web Based Scanner or Download

The kind of antivirus scanner you should use depends highly on the situation you face. When dealing with an infected system and you want to get the entire computer scanned quickly, for example, going the online route and using a web-based scanner is the more effective solution. You can count on the up-to-date virus database too. For more real-time and day-to-day protection, on the other hand, a downloaded antivirus software is often better choice. Native apps can interact with system functions better, allowing them to provide a more thorough protection for your computer system.

How Do I Know If I Have a Virus?

There are several symptoms that may appear when your computer is infected. For starters, you may see anomalies with your files. Missing files, files of certain types showing weird or incorrect icons, and weird behaviours appearing when you try to open the infected files are among the most common symptoms to watch out for. The best way to determine if you have a virus, however, is by doing a deep scan. A deep scan using a comprehensive virus scanning tool allows you to dig deep into the system and analyse every file in the computer for signs of infection. You will also get more information about the kind of viruses you’re dealing with.

Will My Desktop Scanner Work on my iPhone?

Most desktop scanners will not work on your iPhone. The desktop scanners are designed for Windows or macOS, and software for these operating systems aren’t meant to work on an iOS device. That said, you can rely on some of the features of the virus scanner to help discover signs of possible virus and malware infections. The best way to keep your iPhone safe is by using an iOS antivirus app. The app provides maximum protection for your phone, blocking attempts of infection and discovering existing signs of infection thoroughly. You can also count on a web-based virus scanner to perform the same tasks.

Here Are Some Common Types of Computer Viruses

While there are hundreds of new viruses being introduced every day, there are some common – often famous – viruses that you may be familiar with already. At the top of our list, there’s the ILOVEYOU virus. It was one of the most infectious malwares if its time, but modern antivirus software can prevent infection effectively. Other common types of viruses include Code Red, Melissa – which also sends emails to your top contacts as a way of spreading – and Sasser. Of course, viruses aren’t the only type of malware out there. We also have Trojan horses, spywares, adware, ransomware, and various other malicious software threatening your computer.

What do Antivirus Scanners Protect Against?

The main purpose of an antivirus scanner is scanning for signs of viruses. For the scanner to identify viruses, it relies on a database known as the virus definition database. All known viruses and their variants are documented and added to the database, which means the best antivirus scanners today can help you block the majority of existing viruses effectively. Depending on the antivirus scanner you use, you may also get extra features and security measures with the software. An anti-spyware and internet filter are quite common these days.

Is It Possible to Download Antivirus Tools for PC's?

Sure! Since PCs are the target of the majority of cyberattacks and malwares, many computer security companies make their antivirus and security solutions available to PC users. You can download an antivirus tool from the best makers. Before you download and install an antivirus tool, however, you need to select the most suitable solution based on your specific needs and requirements. Visit review sites and compare antivirus tools before deciding the best one to use. This way, you will always end up with the tools that provide the most protection for your system.

I want to Scan My Mac - Is That Possible?

This too is possible, especially since there is an increasing number of macOS antivirus apps on the market. You can download an antivirus app from the Mac App Store and have instant protection. The antivirus scanner on Mac works the same way as antivirus tools for PCs. The only difference is how the tools are created to work with different systems. If you are a Mac user, you can also turn to online antivirus tools for quick help. When there is a virus infecting files in your Mac, for instance, you can get them removed faster by opening a web-based virus scanner tool and doing a deep scan of the system through Safari or Google Chrome.

Do Virus Scan Tools Work on Android

Virus scan tools work on Android, but you have to use tools designed for the mobile operating system. Similar to the previous systems we covered, there are also antivirus apps designed specifically for Android phones and tablets. In fact, many top antivirus and computer security companies make their security suites available across multiple platforms. You only need to find the suitable app for your operating system and get started right away. The web-based antivirus solutions available today will also work on Android, although some of them will only offer limited scanning capabilities.

How to Protect Against Ransomware

There is a big misconception about ransomware and how encrypting your files can protect your computer from ransomware attacks. This is not true, because encrypted files can be re-encrypted; when that happens, you still won’t be able to access your files unless you choose to pay the random or do a complete reinstall. Having a comprehensive anti-malware protection that does real-time scanning is a good start. The antivirus tool should be able to detect all ransomware attacks before they can cause more severe problems. Installing apps and software only from legitimate sources will also reduce the risks of falling victim to a ransomware attack substantially.

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